Duplicate System Drive in Windows Server 2003?

Hello, all.

We have an interesting problem on a terminal server that is almost ready to go into production. After installing Windows Server 2003 SP2 on a mainboard with Intel's Embedded Server RAID Technology II (RAID 1), we noticed that there is a duplicate "System" volume that is taking the drive letter W: in Windows explorer.

This drive letter on our client site is a mapped network share, so we clearly don't want there to be conflicts. However, the disk drive W: does not appear in the disk management utility to be modified or removed.

The ''phantom'' W: drive's properties page has the same exact amounts of free and used space that the C: System volume has. However, the W: drive when expanded appears to be a copy of the Administrator's profile directory only.

We have tried using different RAID solutions, thinking it might be a mirroring problem, and we have tried to delete the phantom volume using Recovery Console. The server is not yet in production, so we can be a little destructive, but I'd prefer to avoid a complete rebuild if possible.

Thank you for your helpful suggestions in advance!

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rosectsConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Issue has been resolved. A policy issue was causing the drive to map when it should not have. Mystery solved!
Jon BrelieSystem ArchitectCommented:
What happens if you pull one of the drives and boot it up on a single drive?
rosectsAuthor Commented:
We tried that - no change. Sorry, that should have been above!
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