Terminal server DNS issue

We are unable to access our terminal server via the FQDN both inside and off the network.  It is currently accessible internally using the private IP of the server and externally by using the public IP.  DNS records are in place to allow for it to resolve the FQDN for terminal server and the firewall is open and pointing the external IP to the internal IP.  This was all working without flaw for years up until now.  

Anyone have any idea what might be going on?
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see if you can ping by FQDN.  if you can't, try nslookup and make sure you're able to query the DNS records for that server manually.
ipconfig /flushdns
MemberMindedAuthor Commented:
That does not work.  Tried multiple times on different machines.
MemberMindedAuthor Commented:
ok... randomly enough. it just started working again all by itself.  who knows.  I will award points to both of you for assisting though!
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