REmote Desktop / VNC recording


How does IT handle this in a high security environment?

I need the ability to record employees' desktops at all times as certain members use very sensitive applications and have access to some really important resources for us.

Most users connect to the computers via remote desktop? Is there anyway to constantly record the screen in background?

I have found alot of recording software but nothing that is stealth and integrated as a windows service....

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btanConnect With a Mentor Exec ConsultantCommented:
Read this article for the comparison of the below two software that may be able to meet your requirements. Although SmartAuditor is dedicated to Citrix (maybe that has already changed), ObserveIT will record ANY human interaction with the servers, and it is not limited only to Citrix access. It will record RDP, TS, Citrix, VNC, NetOp, Damware, Radmin etc


a) SmartAuditor -

Powerful activity monitoring  SmartAuditor captures and archives screen updates, including mouse clicks and the visible output of keystrokes, in digitally signed video recordings, to provide a record of activity for specific users, applications and servers. Organizations that use SmartAuditor have a greater chance of proving criminal intent, where it exists, by using visual evidence combined with traditional text-based eDiscovery tools.

b) ObserveIT -

ObserveIT windows session screen-recording supports session recording of all remote access methods. With support for Terminal Services, Citrix, Remote Desktop, PC-Anywhere, VMware, VNC and Dameware, ObserveIT is agnostic to protocol and to client application. With ObserveIT you do not need to playback hours of recordings just to find a single event! ObserveIT captures textual meta-data during the recording including Window title, Application names, Files in use and more. This detailed information of what the user is doing allows you to search for any user activity without the need to replay hours of recordings.

jllotz1Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Check out TSRecord

RecordTS is a unique product that empowers organizations to audit and safeguard their Windows or Citrix Servers and Workstations from potential misuse. Many companies today have turned to using Terminal Servers or Citrix Servers as a replacement for the regular user environment in an effort to cut equipment cost, decrease administration, and grant users more freedom.

However, this change has brought on new issues such as: Do you know what your users doing while logged onto your Terminal Server or Citrix Server? Do you know what your third party support staff are doing on your network while offering remote support? Can you prove your users or third party vendors did something wrong? With RecordTS, an RDP and ICA session recording solution, you can answer YES to all these questions and monitor what every user or administrator is doing while logged onto your Terminal Servers, Citrix or any Windows Server or Workstation with Remote Desktop enabled.

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