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Have a lot of PCs and applications that points to one "classic" physical HP network printer.
Need a backup scenario.

Idea is to build virtual PC with the same IP address as existing printer. Than this PC should work as a virtual HP printer and instead of printing, transform all print jobs to PDF file with automatic names.
Virtual printer should be "transparent": client PCs and applications should continue to work without any changes.

How can I do it and which software I can use?
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Jackie ManCommented:
You cannot make them transparent to the users as unless the computers are running under a domain so that you can push the driver update to the users's computer.

The practice is to have a spools of printers and if one of them fails, the print jobs will be automatically transfer to another printer.
Jackie ManCommented:
You cannot use the same IP address as existing printer as your Virtual PC will prompt you an error msg when you start it. There must be NO identical IP address in a single subnet.
p_0Author Commented:
Of course - no doubts about that. I'm talking about "backup" scenario (or even "improvement"), so the real "physical" printer will be off and the virtual one should take (replace) his IP doing all print jobs and transform them in PDF files.
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