How to wire speakers with 4 inputs?


I have two speakers (specifcally: TDL Studio 5's) and 1 amp/tuner which is a TEAC AG - 790.

On the back of the speakers there are four slots for the cable instead of the 2 im used to seeing. The AMP has 2 channels.

I just wanted to know how I should wire these and what is the best way?


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ianmair329Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi Billy,
Your speakers have 2 pairs of connectors, 1 pair for the low fequency (subwoofer) and 1 pair for the higher frequency (mid-range/tweeters).
Premium amplifiers and crossovers may have extra outputs for this kind of setup, but for the rest of us we only have one output for each speaker. Don't panic though as it's easy to hook them up. The easiest way is to link together the two black terminals and also the two red terminals, so then you effectively have only 1 pair of connectors. You can then hook your amp up and hey presto! This technique is called Bi-wiring. It comes with some controversy over wiring and performance, so i suggest you read up as well (i found a link, below).

The most important part is to make sure you keep black (-) and red (+) wires seperate and you should have no problems.

Standing by to help further

bi-wiring speakers
Try this link, it teklls you what you need to know:
The TDLs are set up for bi-wiring to use your own crossover components (tweeter/mids and a separate woofer). This review has an excellent writeup on this fussy speaker set:

Note that it will take a lot of work to get these to sound great, but it is worth it in the end.
billy_howardAuthor Commented:
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