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IBM Serial Console cannot read keyboard input p520

I have a p520 (MT8203-E4A) and for some reason I cannot get the serial console to respond to keyboard input.  I had gotten it to work before which is how I originally configured this system as there is no graphics card in there.  I believe I configured the system and then configured HMC1 network port as a ASMI interface.

There are no partitions or HMC managing this server.  The HMC1 port is used for network management only.

I am attempting to get local serial console through S1 port and I can see all the output show up on my screen when I reboot, but I cannot get any keyboard input and also there is no serial console login either.

I had read somewhere that if the HMC1 network cable is plugged in than the S1 port will not be available.  I get the same problem regardless if the HMC1 network cable is plugged in or not.

Upon reboot, I do see this on the screen:

                            Set Terminal Type
The terminal is not properly initialized.  Please enter a terminal type
and press Enter.  Some terminal types are not supported in
non-English languages.

     ibm3101          tvi912          vt330          aixterm
     ibm3151          tvi920          vt340          dtterm
     ibm3161          tvi925          wyse30         xterm
     ibm3162          tvi950          wyse50         lft
     ibm3163          vs100           wyse60         sun
     ibm3164          vt100           wyse100
     ibmpc            vt320           wyse350

                      | If the next screen is unreadable, press Break (Ctrl-c)
    88  Help ?        | to return to this screen.
>>> Choice []: success

At this point I am not able to enter anything nor do I see a login prompt

Any help please? This came about because I am configuring some new p510s and had the same issue happen (output to console but no keyboard input) on the first one so I figured I'd try to see how I had gotten console on the p520 and duplicate that to the p510 but now the p520 is exhibiting the same behavior.  

The only thing I can think of that I haven't tried yet is to try to reset the HMC1 back to factory setting in case there is somthign with the HMC1 being configured that disables something on S1

Any ideas?

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1 Solution
it should be possible to access the serial console while a cable is plugged into the HMC1 port.
As you wrote, if there is no HMC this port can be used to access the ASMI using a web browser.
The serial console can be accessed via one of the S1 ports,
located either at the control panel or at the back of the server - but not simultaneously.
You need a null modem (or null modem cable) to access the console.
Take care to set the terminal attributes to 19200,8,N,1 - meaning line speed 19.200, wordlength 8, no parity, 1 stopbit.
I once had a similar problem while using the S1 port at the front of the machine (control panel) - the rear port worked fine!
The ASMI over the ASCII console itself is only available in the platform standby state.
It should be visible after you plugged in the power cord(s) of the machine (before the OS is booted). Is this the case?
Does the HMC1 port work - are you able to access the ASMI via browser?
The IP address of HMC1 on a POWER6 system should be, on a POWER5 system it should be
(if not changed by you).
Anyway, I think you should double check your cabling (null modem?), the terminal attributes (19200,N,8,1),
and please use the rear S1 port!
uaynebAuthor Commented:
I tried three different serial cables and the last one worked ..

go figure

uaynebAuthor Commented:
Good and throrough knowledge
1!!! InfoWindow is shipped with rewired seral cable
2!!! HACMP tends to default to ttyS0
3!!! service processor works at 9600 8N1, for newer machines it may or may not select anything up to 38400bps 8N1 (no parity is important, odd parity like for serial modems WILL NOT WORK)

Please refer to aix faqs, rootvg faqs, bull open systems, redbooks and other less common places.

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