does windows 7 work with Windows Home Server

I have installed Windows Home Server on our server here at the house.  Will Windows 7 work with this if I have Powerpack 3 on the Home Server.  I want to put the software on my Dell laptop which has Windows 7 and I make sure of the compatability
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Windows home server connector software works just fine with Windows 7, everything from the client to backup software acts appropriately.

the only inconsistencies found so far is that the backup screen WHS will display your windows 7 as "Windows Vista Ultimate" and two you can't use the newer windows 7 bacup option where you can choose which folders specifically to backup. You can backup entire drives, but you can (one by one) exclude folders from backup tedious but it works
tcandsAuthor Commented:
about the backup from the laptop that has Windows 7 to the Windows Home Server.  Will each daily back replace the prevous days.  I have heard of two types of back ups.  Whick will the laptop do the Windows Home Server software loaded to Windows 7
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  Hi there tcands,,,

If it is really a compatibility case refer to MS :

Best wishes

W7 will work however backups are a problem.
Backups are cumulative....they do not replace previous version of a backup
(also they do not just update the changed files).
So you might end up with a nice collection ... ;-)
tcandsAuthor Commented:
Thanks to the both of you
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