Quickbooks Pro 2008 opening very slow

THere are two computers in a small office that share Quickbooks 2008.   They are both running Win XP Pro.    One computer is the main computer for Quickbooks while the other is a client for Quickbooks.   They were running fine until I put a new external drive for backup on the computer running as the main.  The main had a Maxxtor external drive but that ecame defective and a new external (Not a Maxtor) was put in it's place.   Now when the main computer is on but Quickbooks is not running and the user on the client tries to open Quickbooks it lags about 30-40 secs before it opens.  If the main computer has Quickbooks open then the lag time on the client is only about 15-20 secs per page.  This did not happen before.   The client opened Quickbooks very quickly.  Any ideas why this is happening?   Both computers have 2GB of RAM
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Bill BachPresidentCommented:
I can't answer WHY this is happening, but I can guive you two ways to find out.

1) Try capturing the network traffic between the two boxes while QB starts up.  Somewhere in there, you will see your large time delay.  See what function calls are being passed at that time.  Is the "Client" thinking?  Are they waiting on the "server"?  What call was made when the delay occurs?

This will tell you where the problem lies.  if the problem is the server, though, then you'll need another step.

2) Get ProcessMonitor (www.sysinternals.com) and load it up on the server.  Capture ALL activity while QB is starting up.  Then, stop the capture and review it for your large delay.  As before, what is it doing during this delay?  Is there a lot of disk activity?  is there a delay as well?  If there is a delay, see what functions it is delaying on.
syssolutAuthor Commented:
I will see this computer in a couple of days and will run this Process monitor.
syssolutAuthor Commented:
Thanks for idea.  The system just started working properly on it's own before I saw them again.
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