Locate misplaced laptop in Large wifi enabled building

How can I ping my laptop and be able to locate it in a building by detecting which WAP it responds to?
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metaghmanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Need more info.  "Locate misplaced laptop in Large wifi enabled building" Sure if the laptop is actually turned on and you know the IP or name then RDP in it like xxdcmast suggested.

If this is not turned on which I would suspect a misplaced laptop would be, then good luck.  You better start walking around the whole building with a search party tracking down your asset.  
Joseph DalyCommented:
I dont knwo how to do that but what you could do if possible would be to RDP to your laptop and then turn the volume all the way up. That way you could play something in a loop until hopefully you can walk around and hear it.
   Contact youe Network Admin. He must be suppose to help you by giving the information which WiFi Access Point is providing the network for that laptop using the IP address u re using. All The Best
aantosAuthor Commented:
Lets change the scenario to one where wifi phones are distributed to select employees where each one has a known IP address assigned to it and we ping all of the phones to find out who is the one closest to a particular event?
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