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Vista PC Connected to the internet but can't browse with IE or Firefox

I'm troubleshooting my nieces laptop that is running Windows Vista Ultimate 64 bit. The pc will connect to the internet but will not browse with IE of Firefox. I can ping and do tracert to web addresses, but cannot connect with the browsers. I've spent several hours googling and have tried numerous fixes none which has worked. Any help would be very much appreciated. Thanks!
1 Solution

It could be problem with some of malware stopping using http. Have you tried to open HTTPS or FTP? is it working?

If yes, Goto run > msconfig > startup > have a deep look in what are all programs initiliazed in startup.

Disable non required services.

Goto Regedit


delete any non required startup entry keys in the above and try to browse.

Or also you disable all the startup processes except antivirus and than reboot try to browse whether you will be able to?

You need to restart after modifying the above.
Did you check firewall settings? May be your firewall is blocking your applications to connect to internet.
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myesterAuthor Commented:
I've disabled all non essential programs in msconfig and turned off the firewall and still not able to connect with a web browser. The pc tells me I'm connected and I can ping and do tracert but just can't connect with a web browser.
Ravi AgrawalCommented:

Did you try winsock fix?

Or type netsh winsock reset catalog at the command prompt.

See this page http://windowsxp.mvps.org/winsock.htm

Reset Internet Options to defaults (by the way this is one of the first fixes you may have tried) & try!

Ravi AgrawalCommented:
Since the author has declined that all previous suggestions saying they did not work, I should get the points as only my suggestion at comment Id http:#26117641 was not tried out.  I believe it was a winsock error that was preventing access to his machine; since all layers except the Session, presentation and application layer on the OSI model were working ok. The fix provided by me refixes problems with the session layer in windows. Once that was fixed, things would be going fine as firewalls are reported to be turned off with no startup entries causng havoc (like virii & malware).

If any other expert objects to me claiming  points, please do so and explain why? I am willing to initiate a dialogue on that part.

However the option to award the points rests with the moderator / zone advisor and I have no objection if the question is closed without awarding points to me.

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