Interface overloading


I was asked in an interview about interface overloading in .net.

Could you please tell me an site to explain this concept
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abelallenConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi KaranGupta,

Of course, interface can also have overloaded members. Just see the below code for instance..
interface ITest
   void F();                     // F()
   void F(int x);                  // F(int)
   void F(ref int x);            // F(ref int)
   void F(int x, int y);         // F(int, int)
   int F(string s);               // F(string)
   int F(int x);                  // F(int)         error
   void F(string[] a);            // F(string[])
   void F(params string[] a);      // F(string[])      error

You can read the full story at the following location

Kindly add your comment if it was an ample solution for your doubt.

Abel Allen
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