When trying to import new custom controls into Visual Studio 2008 toolbox. I select the .dll off a network drive and recieve the error

"request for the permission of type '".

This works fine if the .dll is local. The network is a Full Trust sharing. How do I create a work around for this problem?

Win 7 x64, VS 2008
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Dennis AriesConnect With a Mentor CEO @ Arkro ITCommented:
Well, the best way would be to copy the dll to a local location. Not only would it solve this problem, it would also overcome any problems that might occur when you lose your network-connection for some reason.
You can also use the .NET configuration tool in your administrative tools to add the desired dll to the assembly cache and configure the rights through there. The tool is shipped as part of the .NET SDK.
EdFinnAuthor Commented:
@djjaries The link didn't qiute answer my question but it lead me to application called CASpol info at

Will have to spend some time to see if this solves my issues. Will get back yoyou on this tommorow. thanks for the speedy replies guys.
EdFinnAuthor Commented:
Sorry I seemed to have forgot about this. I was unable to come up with a solution and have decided to go about this in another way. Sorry again for massive delay in closing.
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