Datasheet in C Sharp

I guys/girls.  I was wondering if there was a control in C sharp that had similar functionality to the datasheet in Microsoft Access.  

I had been using the TableLayoutPanel but realized that it was tabular and did not have functions such as copying and pasting information from some cells and pasting them into others.  I also could not move up/down/left/right across cells, only tab between cells.  

I would really like to find an already existing control or some preexisting code with the functionality of the datasheets in Access  and feel like it would be a pretty common question but can not seem to find such a control.  
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Carl TawnSystems and Integration DeveloperCommented:
If its a windows app then you should probably be looking at the DataGridView.
If its a web app then the GridView.
LW00Author Commented:
I've taken a look at the datagridview and I like some of the functionality.  I noticed that I can copy multiple cells but is there a property I can set where I can paste these cells into multiple cells inside the datagridview?
LW00Author Commented:
Lead me in the right direction but did not answer all my questions.  
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