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Hi experts,
In our company we have a small SBS domain and we use Exchange to send and receive mails. On the client side we all use Outlook 2003.
When we click on 'New message' en click on the icon next to the 'To field' a list with all the SBS users is shown. To see the list with our other contacts, we have to select 'Contacts' from a combobox. My boss doesn't like this behavior and wants outlook to show his contacts immediately. Contacts should be the standard list in the combobox.
Is there a way to do this??
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go to tools in outlook , address book,address book options and choose which one you want to set as default.

hope this helps

You can change the list that opens Automatically so they can see there contacts.

I dont think there is an easier way to see both without adding all the users from the "contacts" in outlook to contacts in AD which is a lot more effort that clicking the combo box.
NoraWilAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the very fast replies.
Both answers gave me the solution for my problem. I could have given all the points to JunaidIT. The answer from CaptainGiblets contains interesting extra info, that's why I decided to give him a part of the points to.
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