Secure Enterprise Password storage with Blackberry Access

Hey Folks,

I am looking to know how all of you manage the storage of your passwords in the enterprise. I have just moved from a small company to a big company and there seems to be no standard place where everybody puts their passwords. As a result I have had to ask for passwords as I come acrross them and store them using my personal password application. In the past I have used Minisafe software which is great for personal password storage and also has a blackberry interface so that you can access your passwords on the move. the problem with Minisafe is that only one person can access the databae at a time and the database has to be manually synced over the wire to your device on a regular basis.

What I am lookinng for is a password storage applicaton that can store password in a secure database that many people can access at the same time. I would also like to look at something that can be acceessed using a Blackberry so that passwords can be accessed on the move. Other desired requirements would be the ability to use 2 factor autentication such as RSA tokens to authenticate to the password database

Does anybody know if a product exists that can do all of this? I have seen some password sites out there that allow you to store passwords on them in a secure manner. I dont however feel comfortable uploading my passwords to the web especially via a site that free.
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TolomirConnect With a Mentor AdministratorCommented:
You should give this a try:

See the product sheet, for access from the Internet you would need the enterprise client/server edition.

from the German page:

enterprise server would cost: 499 EUR ($711) , each enterprise client costs: 64 EUR ($91) (scaled prices on request)

also see the reference list on page 8.


walshdjAuthor Commented:
Thanks Tolomir.
Have you used this product and how have you found it to perform?
I dont really want to publish my passwords out to the Internet so the Enterprise option shouldnt be an issue.
It does not seem to come with Blackberry access built in, unless you are suggesting that we utilize this via the internet?
it also does not seem to cater for any two factor authentication.
TolomirConnect With a Mentor AdministratorCommented:
I suggest you try the professional version to check for yourself.

I'm quite happy with keepass but passwordsafe offers much more features.
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