how can I replace my AS400

we use the as400  corporate wide.  it is an archaic, IBM beast.  it has been compared to ms vista as being the vista of ibm.  there have to be other organizations who have had the same epiphany and found a way out of this hell.  any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
The AS400 was somewhat unique in its heyday in that applications were often written specifically to that machine and OS400, and often in RPG. In the text world, it could be made to work blisteringly fast and be very reliable.

What you would have to do is figure out new applications to do the things you want on a platform you want (e.g. Microsoft Server or such like) and then port the data from old to new.

I have not heard of any way to run native AS400/OS400 applications on a Windows server.

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The AS400 is actually a remarkable and versitile platform, what are your specific issue that are causing you to look for an Intel solution?
Wondering what the coming of the three kings has to do with computing.

Never mind, there's bound to be a migration route to Integrity or similar but what app/db are you running?
The AS/400 became the iSeries back in 2000 and was replaced by IBMs Power System in 2008, so it sounds like your company did not upgrade since last century.
If someone says it's the Vista of IBM it's because they don't know what they are talking about.
This platform is one of the most reliable ones out there at all - I know companies that have been running this type of server 24x7x365 for years.  The drawback is that there is not as much out-of-the box software available at low per user cost and not as many people with expertise available, but - as I said - it is a hig reliable and secure platform.
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