Displaying date range in report header of crystal reports

I have a report built in Crystal Reports 11.  I would like to display the minimum and maximum dates in the report header but cannot figure how to do.  Can anyone help?
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Are you talking about the minimum and maximum dates in the data or in a date parameter range?

For the minimum to maximum date in the data of a particular field.

"Containing information from: " 
& totext({DateField}, 'MM/dd/yyyy')
& " to " &
totext({DateField}, 'MM/dd/yyyy')

For a parameter
"Containing information from: " 
& totext({?DateParam}, 'MM/dd/yyyy')
& " to " &
totext({?DateParam}, 'MM/dd/yyyy')

Create a formula

minimum({datefield} )

and paint it on the report header?
I agree with PCI -

If you want to print something like: Containing information from: 11/30/2009 to 12/06/2009

you would do the following formula:

"Containing information from: " 
& totext({Command.START_DATE}, 'MM/dd/yyyy')
& " to " &
totext({Command.END_DATE}, 'MM/dd/yyyy')
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