DHCP service will not start/run on SBS03, ok to run seperately from WinServ08 std?

I have two servers, one SBS 2003, and one server 2008 standard. When the SBS03 was setup DHCP was not used because I was running DHCP from the router. I now want to setup DHCP on the server and it will not let me configure any scopes. I have tried starting the service but it stops again maybe 30 seconds after successfully starting. The error I get is (window title: DHCP) "The interface is unknown". I have not tried uninstalling and reinstalling the DHCP service. I was wondering if there would be any advantages or disadvantages to running DHCP from the Server 2008 std computer? (The server 2008 std does have AD and DNS running on it as a secondary/backup DC+DNS)
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Rob WilliamsCommented:
There is no problem running it on 2008 std, so long as you add all the same scope options
Internet router's IP in #003 router
server's IP in #006 DNS Servers
the domain name and suffix under #015 such as mydomain.local
server's IP in #044 WINS servers
Also enable Dynamic updating of DNS.

However: are you certain there is no other DHCP server including under NAT in RRAS running on your network? If SBS sees another DHCP server anywhere on the network it will shut down the service within a few seconds. You situation sounds very typical of this.
Since your 2008 server is a DC running dynamic updates DNS there is no reason why you need to run DHCP in your SBS. Simply keep it running in your 2008 will do you fine.
Glen KnightCommented:
There is no reason not to use the other server.

It would be good to find out what's going in with the SBS server though.

Are you getting any errors in the event viewer? When do you get the message about the interface?
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well my dear friend .. for sms you need to authorize the dhcp server in active directory.
and specify the interface on which DHCP will be giving services.
ZachToubaAuthor Commented:
It is authorized in AD if I pull up the list of authorized DHCP servers it's the only entry. However I can not seem to select the correct interface, how do you select which interface? Could you list how to change the interface it's running on? Also thank you everyone for reaffirming that I can run it on the 2008 std, but are there any advantages to running it on the 08 as opposed to getting it working on the sbs03? You can't have a "backup" DHCP because having two servers configured to assign IPs for the same scope will cause conflicts, correct?
Glen KnightCommented:
With SBS you can only have 1 DHCP server.

To set the interface right click on the servername in the DHCP console select properties then Advanced tab click bindings.

Make sure it is bound to the correct NIC

if you change this you will need to restart the DHCP Server service
Rob WilliamsCommented:
Actually best to use the CEICW. Stop DHCP services on all other devices, Server2008, and router, enable service on SBS, don't worry about starting it, run the CEICW, and then reconfigure DHCP if necessary.

There is a good outline in the following article:
See "Configuring Settings for an Existing DHCP Server Service on Your Network" 1/2 way down the page.
ZachToubaAuthor Commented:
"To set the interface right click on the servername in the DHCP console select properties then Advanced tab click bindings." I did just that and while on the "Advanced" tab, I clicked "Bindings" and I got the same error "The interface is unknown." My only option is OK, and then nothing happens.

You are correct, as when using an SBS OS the best practice is to ALWAYS use the wizards, not setup things manually. However, I can not run CEICW. When I try to run it I get this message: "The wizard cannot set the DHCP scope options. Ensure that the DHCP server service is running and that a scope is defined. Alternatively, disable the DHCP service manually, and then configure your client computer IP address properties. For more information about manually configuring client computers, see Help and Support." The reason I get this is because the DHCP server (service) refuses to run, If I click "Start" it shows it successfully starts but upon an immediate refresh it shows it is in fact not running.

I hate to say this but I believe I am going to just run DHCP on my Server 2008 std. I do feel bad not resolving this in case someone else has the same problem and needs the solution. If anyone has more suggestions absolutely post them and I will try them.
ZachToubaAuthor Commented:
I was trying to setup a DHCP service for a network which had no DHCP service running on it, however the current (main) network did have a router providing DHCP which was apparently enough to make it not work and the service to immediately stop running as you described. I disabled the DHCP service on the router (of the original network) and sure enough it then worked. Thank you everyone for your insight and assistance.
Rob WilliamsCommented:
Thanks ZachTouba. Glad to hear you were able to resolve.
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