Unable to print JPG files

Hi all

I am unable to print jpg files from my computer I changed it to a BMP file and it ptints fine and any other files print 0kay but not JPG..  any ideas??
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I have had similar issues with jpgs at work.
Usually what fixes them is opening the file in GIMP/Photoshop and re-saving the jpg.

Thanks same to you and fam!
Are you printing from a specific app?
What if you re-save the jpg?
Does it print to an other printer?
Do other jpg files print?

Pro-ActiveITAuthor Commented:
Printing from outlook where the attached I tried saving attachment to desktop and makes no difference the response I am getting is something along the lines of permissions?  It doesent print to either printer on the network...

I have not tried printing another JPG I will try this and come back to you...


Pro-ActiveITAuthor Commented:
aparantly now since the document was changed to a bmp this has unblocked the issue and now all is printing okay... dunno what happebnd there just another Microsoft issue that is totally unanswerable

Best Wishes & Merry Christmas all from Chris
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