How to assign a static IP to the Solaris 10 bax

  I have a Solaris 10 on x86 Box. Right now it is getting IP from DHCP. I want to assign the static IP address. This box is inside my home network. Can you help me with the step by step process.
This solaris is installed on esxi vmware.

Thank you.

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In /etc dir look for file like

/etc/dhcp.interface (e.g. dhcp.hme0)

To stop your system from using DHCP, remove this file or rename it.

For static ip you need a file in /etc dir like

/etc/hostname.interface (e.g. hostname.hme0)

this file contains hostname of the server or hostname for that ip address and should be in /etc/hosts file (mapped to an ip address)

you may need to set dns as well in /etc/resolv.conf

and default gateway in /etc/defaultrouter
depending on further configuration a sys-unconfig can help:

change the network card to bridged in vmware
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