How do I find out why our firewall was reset in the middle of the day?

Sorry guys, here's comes another newbie question.

Our firewall somehow was reset in the middle of the day and I want to know why. How do I do that? Does "sh log" tell me exactly why?

Also, when I do "sh inter detail":
Interface Ethernet0/0 "inside", is up, line protocol is up
  Hardware is i82546GB rev03, BW 1000 Mbps
        Auto-Duplex(Full-duplex), Auto-Speed(100 Mbps)
Does "Auto-Duplex(Full-duplex)" mean that this interface is on auto negotiate as oppose to manually setting it to full duplex?

Thank you for all the help guys!!
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MikeKaneConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Setting up a syslog is very simple:

You will need a syslog server on the network, there are plenty of free ones available.  I use KIWI, its free also....

The log has different logging levels.   The higher levels give more details, but create mor logging traffic.     Level 5 is usually sufficient.  Level 7 "debug" does start to stream a LOT of traffic.  Use this only when needed for troubleshooting.  
By reset, do you mean power cycled, a VPN reset..?  

If you are streaming log files with the right leve to a syslog server, a quick search of the logs during that time should tell you if any command was issued to the firewall that would have interfered with traffic.   If the power died, do a SHOW VER on the unit and it will give you the uptime since last reset.

golowaiAuthor Commented:
That is what concerns me...when I do "sh ver" it tells me that it is only up for a little more than an hour..."ASA5510FW01 up 1 hour 27 mins". If you don't mind can you tell me how i would set up a streaming log? Also, does that put a strain on our network?
golowaiAuthor Commented:
Hi MikeKane, Thank you for all the info! Would you mind shining some light on my other question regarding duplexing?
Ah, yes the Auto (Full) would indicate that the is set to auto negotiate.
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