RPC over HTTP error Certificate chain could not be built. You may be missing required intermediate certificates

Hi Guys,
I've enabled RPC over HTTP on a new Exchange 2007 installed into an SBS2003 domain on a new server 2008 box. I have created a SAN certificate and have added the Autodiscover entry to DNS. I have also exported and installed the ROOT certificate to a PC but cannot connect via RPC over HTTP. I have checked the URL's etc and these seem fine.
I have ran the Exchange connectivity tool and i get the following:

Testing SSL Certificate for validity.
  The SSL Certificate failed one or more certificate validation checks.
   Test Steps
   Validating certificate name
  Successfully validated the certificate name
   Additional Details
  Found hostname OWA.CSCIENCES.CO.UK in Certificate Subject Common name  
 Validating certificate trust
  Certificate trust validation failed
   Additional Details
  Certificate chain could not be built. You may be missing required intermediate certificates.  
 I installed the certificate from the Exchange 2007 server but do i need anything from the SBS2003 (DC) box as well ?

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The tool will not work if you are using an certificate created on your own certificate authority.  I am assuming this because you said you had to import the root on the PC.  Think about it, the "tester" on the web does not have the root.
NetexpertsAuthor Commented:
That makes sense however after installing the cert to a test machine it keeps coming up with 'connection to microsoft exchange is unavailable' . It allows me to enter domain\username and password so am i correct in thinking it is actually connecting ?
NetexpertsAuthor Commented:

For any readers info i have also just found out that Outlook Anywhere won't work with self signed certs and so that is where the problems lied.
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