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Blackberry devices on BIS receiving old emails


We have 2 users in the office set up on BIS.

1 user has been repeatedly (every couple of months) complaining he re-receives old e-mails to his handset - on a gmail account.

The 2nd user has never been affected, so I`ve never given it much consideration, until today:
This user has a privately hosted POP3 account which just 're-received' all messages he had received on 1 particular account between 20 August 2009 and 20 October 2009 on their handset.

The messages have not been 're-received' in his mailbox (checked via Outlook & a webmail interface).
Outlook is set to leave messages on the server.
This user has 5 mail accounts on his handset & it only happened to 1 of them.
3 of the other 4 accounts are hosted in the same manner as the affected one & with the same hosting company - 1 other account is even on the same domain too.
No changes or migrations were done to the .pst Outlook file.

I have just re-sent the service books to the user and will monitor the situation, what else can I troubleshoot or check to attempt to avoid this happening again?

Roger Adams
Roger Adams
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1 Solution
Delete and Reintegrate the Email id.
Roger AdamsAuthor Commented:
Practically speaking you mean:
Log into the BIS web interface, delete the email account, re-add it as a 'new account'...?

Is there a way I can do this without losing historic emails already on the device? Being POP3 I would imagine all historic messages would removed from the device when the account is removed & only new messages received when the account is re-added?
You can try this :
1. Take the backup of the device
2. Follow the above steps
3. Disable the Network as soon as the integration is done
4. Restore the messages only.
Roger AdamsAuthor Commented:
I have done the above... let`s see how it goes...


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