How do I concatenate multiple fields

Posted on 2009-12-23
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I have a situation pretty much identical to the one for post Q_21354613.html:
 I have a database table with the fields

STN0       LN                  Text
ST1           1                    Line 1 Text
ST1           2                    Line 2 Text
ST1           3                    Line 3 Text
ST1           4                    Line 4 Text

I want to concatenate the fields so I get the output :
STN0       Text.......
ST1         Line 1 Text Line 2 Text Line 3 Text Line 4 Text

The solution (Below) provided by Frodoman returns the message "A string can be at most 256 characters long."

Is there a way to get a longer result?

The previous solution from Frodoman:
I assume that you're grouping the report based on STN0 (If not then you probably will need to do so).  You can then use ST1 in your details section and create a formula in your details section like this:

shared stringVar sText;
sText := sText + ' ' + {table.ST1};

Now in the group footer create a formula to display the concatenated text:

shared stringVar sText;

And in the group header create a formula to reset it:

shared stringVar sText := '';
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what version of crystal?

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version 8 and before have 256 character limit for string variables

Accepted Solution

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This is a little rought, but depending on if you can anticpate its length (and be sure it's less than, say, 1020 characters. . .

Shared stringVar sText1, sText2, sText3, sText4;
if length(sText1) + {table.ST1} >255 then
   if length(sText2) + {table.ST1} >255 then
      if length(sText3) + {table.ST1} >255 then
         if length(sText4) + {table.ST1} >255 then
            sText4="String too long to fit."
            sText4=sText4 +' ' + {table.ST1}
        sText3=sText3 +' ' + {table.ST1}
       sText2=sText2 +' ' + {table.ST1}
   sText1=sText1 +' ' + {table.ST1}

Then make a separate section for sText1, sText2, etc.  Force each section to supress if sText1, 2 whatever, is = ' '

There might be a more savvy do-loop that you can do, but I don't know how to macro-substitute a name of a variable, so this may be clunky but it'll work.  Warning:  This is off the top of my head (I didn't test it).  But some slight variation of this should work.


Author Comment

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This question is for v8.5.

I believe JR's solution is going to take care of the issue.

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