How format and re-installing my laptop

I've a laptop "Acer Travelmate 5730" and I'd like to formatter and re-install the OS Windows XP professional.
I have 3 DVD:
Disk1 Bootable
Disk Formatter Application CD
Disk1 Microsoft Windows XP Professional

What are the steps that I follow to reinstall my OS?
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nobusConnect With a Mentor Commented:
what i would do is :
1- backup my documents, IE favorites, mail data and other programs data that you want to keep  (i first copy all of them in folders into my documents, and when all is ok, backup my documents)
2-download all the drivers you need from
    i put them into a driver folder in My documents also)
3-insert your XP cd and boot from it (you may need to set the boot priority to CD, )
4- when booted from cd, continue till you see the partitions - then delete all partitions
5- continue the install
6- when install finishes, install drivers, start with chipset, then video...
7-install all applications like MS Office, skype, etc...
First save any files you don't want to lose, to disk.  Insert XP cd, restart pc, at splash screen press F-12 to get into the boot menu.  Boot from cd/dvd and follow through prompts.  After XP installs, you will have to install the device drivers.
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