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I am trying to have the BBC field display as a default for all OWA 2007 users when they created a new message.  When a user clicks NEW they see the To... and Cc... fields but not the Bcc... field.  I know you can click on the Options... button and check off "Show Bcc" but this only displays the field for that initial message.  I need it on / displayed all the time.  Originally I go this working by editting the file (editmessage.aspx)on our CAS server and adding the below code.  But then we upgraded to Exchange SP2 and the file was changed back to the original.  Then I re-added the code to the (editmessage.aspx) file and now the Bcc... field DOES NOT display as before.  It is as if the code has no effect.  Did something change in SP2?  Is there additioinal code that can be added to make this work?

tr id="trBcc">
<td class="tdABB">
<a id="btnBcc" class="flat btn <%=UserContext.IsRtl ? "r" : "l"%>"
<%RenderOnClick("shwABM(\"divBcc\");");%> hidefocus="true" tabindex="-1" href="#">
<img align=absmiddle src="<
%UserContext.RenderThemeFileUrl(Response.Output, ThemeFileId.AddressBook);%>"> <%=LocalizedStrings.GetHtmlEncoded(Strings.IDs.BccEllipsis)%>
<% RecipientWell.Render(Response.Output, UserContext, RecipientWellType.Bcc); %>
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winsystemsConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
We figured out the issue.  Thank you for your assistance.
Hello winsystems,

Rename temporary the page (edimessage.aspx to edimessage.old) and try to create a new mail to see what happen.
Now rename it with original (edimessage.aspx) name and do a new try.

winsystemsAuthor Commented:

Something strange is going on.  I renamed the editmessage.aspx to editmessage_old.aspx on both the Exchange 2007 Store Server and the Exchange2007 CAS server.  After that, I was still able to launch the compose a new message windows from our OWA 2007.

Shouldn't this have failed as this file is now temporarily renamed and unavailable?  Did they change something so that the editmessage.aspx file is NOT the correct file to be editting?  Also, I didn't mention that I have an ISA 2006 server in the mix which publishes OWA for our clients.  Could the file be there that needs to be editted?

P.S.  After editting / renaming the editmessage.aspx file, do I need to restart some service on the Exchnage 2007 servers?
HELP.  I'm trying to do the same, and cannot even find the editmessage.aspx file . .  .
a) where is it
b) could you explain how you managed it in the end?
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