SQL 2005 SP2 Cube Processing Error

Hey all,

We are running SQL 2005 with SP2 on a dedicated machine that handles and processes cubes. Out of nowhere, when we try to process the cubes, we get this error:

Memory error: Allocation failure : Not enough storage is available to process this command

I have looked this up and it seems this is mostly a pre-SP1 or SP1 issue that SP2 resolved (see http://support.microsoft.com/kb/917885, which is our exact issue but is for Release or SP1 versions).

Anyway, I was hoping for somw guidance. This is affecting all users as far as I can tell.

UPDATE - More details...the error happens in Excel 2007 using Pivot Tables. So we are not sure if the error is server-side or not. It happens when people try to expand down in the spreadsheet.

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Before processing objects SSAS tries to estimate memory needed for the operation. You get this error when there is not enough memory. Try to set higher memory limit for SSAS server or try to process fewer objects (for example one partition).

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