web server not able to access from outside

i had configured web server ( apache php mysql) in ubuntu 8.04.

web server ip - 9 ( local lan ip)

my web server is accesiable locally only i have diabled all firewalls. in lan i am able to access web server by pointing the address of server on browser like this.   (web site is opening)

but from outside my web server is not accesiable. i had done port forwarding also in router.
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souquetbressandConnect With a Mentor Commented:
To clarify, are you trying to set up a server to host a website?  
Bryan ButlerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
192 is a local address (IANA-reserved private IPv4 network)  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IP_address

So there is NO WAY to put in a 192 address outside the local 192 network and have it work.  You will have to have a static IP or setup a service that can update a web address (www.xxx.com) to point to your dynamic address.  I believe there's also a service that could point to your 192 server, but this would be a work around and may not be free.
svancouwConnect With a Mentor Commented:
When browsing to the web server from the outside are you using your router's public IP address? If so it should work so long as you set up the port forwarding correctly. Many have done the same setup.

The other part to keep in mind is if you have a dynamic IP address from your internet provider. Just in case you don't know what this is, that is when the public IP address on your router is changed periodically by your internet company. If this is happening then I'd suggest signing up for a free DynDNS account, that is presuming your router is able to support that service. Many do work with DynDNS these days.

If you're not sure let us know what brand and model your router is, and if possible give us a screen shot or list the details of the port forwarding.
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pawanopensourceAuthor Commented:
thx for this much info and i should give u detail in first post. yes i am using my postfix, vpn by DynDNS
i am easily able to access my vpn and squirrelmail by dyndns. but not able 2 access webserver.
Bryan ButlerCommented:
svancouw has it in that you have to use your router's public IP address.  It will not be the 192.x.x.x.  Let's says it's  Then you will have to setup forwarding/firewall settings to send ALL http traffic to your 192.x.x.x server.
Have you forwarded port 80 and/or port 443 to your internal web server (port 443 for https)? Again it would be helpful to see your port forwarding settings. The fact that you can access your vpn and mail server argues that you have dyndns set up correctly.

Have you checked the logs of your internal web server(also check the firewall logs just to be safe) after making this connection attempt from the outside? It could be a problem with something else other than port forwarding, although I think the forwarding is most likely the culprit.
pawanopensourceAuthor Commented:
u r right problem was in config.php as i am using dyndns so i have to give my dyndns url rather than ip. after editing from admin module of web site now i am able to access web site from outside.
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