Exchange 2003 Getting "An SMTP protocol erro occurred." All mail queued up with no where to go.

Do not know what is going on with the server. Just stopped sending email about an hour ago. Trying to find out what happened to the SMTP protocol. Need help to keep from working through the holidays.


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BHForumConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Looks like everything is back to normal. Just have to get with Barracuda to find out why the 300 took a dump. I bet this is Karma for causing my CEO to get a call from the alarm company at 5:30am on Thanksgiving Day because I didn't disable the automatic gate timer. Have a wonderful holiday Experts!
Have you tried restarting the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) service?  If yes, or this does not resolve the issue what is the detailed Application Error you're getting?
Did the drive run out of space?
BHForumAuthor Commented:
skinneeJ and dr00r00. Thanks for the replies.

I have restarted the SMTP service, but no luck.
I have plenty of disk space on the Exchange Server.

I restarted my Barracuda (which filters my outbound email for spam). This got most of the email out of the queues. However, email is beginning to queue up again, but this time with the error "The connection was dropped due to an SMPT protocol event sink." I still had a bunch of email queued for addresses from the last time, which have just now begun to stream out. I may be running into the rate control wall of the Barracuda at this time. As I write this, my queue is emptying. I have 2 domains left to send. Will keep monitoring this before closing.


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