What is the All Users.Windows folder in Documents and Settings

I have installed Windows 2003 on a new server and have successfully joined it to my domain.  Everything seemed fine until I tried to install software that needed access to the 'All Users' folder under documents and settings.  For some reason, the local admin id does not have any access to the 'All Users' directory.  Additionally, there is an 'All Users.Windows directory that it does have access too.  
Does anyone know how this could happen, and what is the purpose of this 'All Users.Windows' directory?


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peter41Connect With a Mentor Commented:
If directory "Document and Settings\All Users" exists in time of Windows installation,
it  will create  "Document and Settings\All Users.Windows",
so in your current Windows installation it has the same role like "All Users"

All Users is the Domain level folder for program/os settings that apply to all users who log into the system.
All Users.Windows is the Local equivilent of that folder, for local user accounts.

The Local Administrator account only has access to All Users.Windows because that's the Local folder.

For administrative permissions over All Users you would need to log in with a Domain account that has administrator privileges on that system.
sagdocAuthor Commented:
This statement was valid
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