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Laptop Protection

Every morning I have to move in free air for 15 minutes to get to the trainstation and from there to work. The winter is here, so the temperatures are getting far below 0 Celcius(-10 to -25 often).

I was wondering if there was any kind of equipment or tip that could help me protect my laptop that I carry with me on my laptop bag. It is holstered in a kind of a laptop holster also.

After I get on the train, I always have to wait a while before I turn on the laptop again. This is because the cold air outside creates vapor / condesation(or whatever it is called in english) on the electronics and I have to wait for it to "dry off" in room temperatures. Is there any good way to avoid all this hassle, other then leaving the laptop at home or travel with it in a decently temperated vehicle?
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3 Solutions
Thibault St john Cholmondeley-ffeatherstonehaugh the 2ndCommented:
I don't think this will be your ideal solution, but it does give a couple of good reasons for wrapping it in a towel:
It also suggests packing it with a hot water bottle - maybe not too daft if it's wrapped up with a towel as well it might last your 15 minutes quite well - and a hot water bottle is cheap so it shouldn't be a costly experiment. You can empty out the water as soon as you are on the train so you won't have to carry the extra weight.
It also mentions 'specially designed  laptop warmers' but annoyingly say that they are hard to find - I expect this is what you are looking for really. It's what I was searching for when I found that link.
Thibault St john Cholmondeley-ffeatherstonehaugh the 2ndCommented:
Looking at this and the price I think I'd rather stay with the towel and hot water bottle approach.
One site I found said do not leave your laptop in sleep mode because the disk still spins and any movement could cause serious damage, another site said do leave it in sleep mode so that the spinning disk creates it's own warmth. I'm more inclined to agree with the first one and switch it off.
Jared LukerCommented:
You can try packing a few Desiccant Packets in your laptop carrier.  That should absorb any excess moisture.

itniflAuthor Commented:
All god advices! Thanks!

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