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Dell R-series Servers Need Hard Drives purchased ONLY from Dell ????

We are contemplating purchasing Dell R-Series (R-710) servers from dell.  THe Dell people tell me the new R-series servers will ONLY recognise hard drives purchased from dell which have special Dell firmware.

Can anybody shed light on this???   Is this common as I have not ran into this type of issue with other servers.

What would the purpose of this be??
1 Solution
Dell has specific firmware that the manufacture's have to put on their drives, this is why you need to buy drives from Dell for Dell Servers.
Lieven EmbrechtsCommented:
Sometimes a firmware fix for a disc is only distributed by server or raid-card manufacturers; the firmware fix is not available to the general public for desktops.
so it's also an advantage: you wil get the best firmware for your configuration.

For dell it's often a matter of missing shells/enclosures. If you buy a Dell server, chances are only the shells are there for the discs you bought and the rest is just some plastic, so if you need extra discs with shells you have to buy it from dell.
I once asked for a server with limited discs but full of encloseres (so ready for extra discs) but that was not possible. These are the trics of Dell ;-)
cbonoAuthor Commented:
I believe charlestasse is correct...... I was hoping to put a few non-Dell hard drives in a machine and the Dell people tell me that the BIOS WILL NOT allow it...at the bottom of my post is what they wrote.... I just find it hard to believe.....Is this common with other branded Servers......

BTW I added a Dell Desktop hard drive to a R210 and it worked fine .... DELL claimed that is because it was a DELL hard drive .....They have to be kidding....I am going to try an off the self HD when I have time

From Dell:
"With the new generation of Dell servers (r210 and up) as well as our storage devices.   The hard drives that are put in the servers have to be purchased from Dell.  If the hard drives are not encrypted with Firmware the Firmware in the bios will not read the hard drive.   Now Dell does sale SSD drives and we can look at some of those options for you."

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