DFS server migration to VMware

Hi All,
I'm planning on converting a physical file server that is participating in some DFS roots to VMWare (ESXi host) using the VCenter Standalone Converter. Was wondering if anyone has converted a DFS box and how did it go and if there are any gotchas to the process.
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ryder0707Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Should be fine to p2v dfs if done properly
And ofcoz the best is to use cold conversion but you can also do hot conversion using vmware converter, stop the dfs and frs service prior to starting p2v
You can restart the services once the physical machine is shutdown and the VM is started so that files/folders will be replicated again normally
Dont forget to uninstall specific physical hardware drivers or disable them(if you dont want to uninstall) before starting the p2v
or you can build a new vm and added it as a DFS Root replica. Let the builtin replcation take place and make sure it is sync'd up and then shutdown the old one.
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