Presario 2200 how to reset bios password

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samsixtyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You will need to ring customer support and give them the serial number I expect.
First of all, you ask for how to reset the bios password.

Start your computer and enter bios. Navigate and find an option for setting password and just set it to blank.

If the problem is to get into bios, try the default passwords 'phoenix' or 'compaq'

Please have a look at the link for a how to on resetting your bios.
nobusConnect With a Mentor Commented:
i suppose he cannot enter bios without entering the password.
if that is the case, samsixty's comment is correct
Modern laptops do not keep the password in the bios, but in a security chip - (Anti-theft) -very difficult to reset.
so you need to contact Compaq, and show proof of ownership they may help you for free, or charge a fee.

here some methods for older laptops :
Dr. KlahnConnect With a Mentor Principal Software EngineerCommented:
I went through this same issue with HP about an N3290 a few months ago (July 2009), and depending on who I talked to, I got two different answers.

When I went through their standard on-line or telephone support, the support rep assured me that the laptop was out of warranty, and that even if I were willing to pay the $300 service fee, they would not work on it.  Upon asking specifically about the password reset team (see below), I was also assured that no such entity did now or ever exist within HP.

After searching through Google, I found an old fax number for the "HP password reset team".  It apparently still exists.  I received an answer to my faxed inquiry a few days later.  With proof of purchase, proof of warranty registration, system serial number, and a $100 fee, they would issue a password reset code.  This seemed, to me and imho, both excessive and poor customer support.  I tried to sideswipe the HPPRT by complaining through Stockholder Services (being an HP stockholder) without luck.

Google search indicates that the problem is fairly common and that HP's support of system owners with this problem is sometimes considered less than helpful.

Before reading on, see this user's posting on the HP support site, which goes into some detail about the problem and the many approaches he tried to deal with it.

He is quite correct.  The password is stored in a non-volatile memory on the motherboard.  Opening the system and pulling the BIOS battery has no effect on the stored password.

There are two types of BIOS passwords; administrator and user.  The administrator password can lock up the system so that it does not boot from any device.  If this is the case, then the only alternatives are paying HP for a password reset, installing a blank security chip, or paying someone for a hashed override code.

If the system can boot from a floppy disk or CD, then there are several places on the Web where you can download a free bootable medium with a program that claims to either reset the BIOS password, or decrypt it in a few days' time.  According to my experience and the posting above, none of them work.

Blank HP security chips are available on the Web for about $25 each, but doing the replacement requires SMT (surface-mount technology) soldering equipment.

The best solution seems to be the one he found.  There are numerous ebay sellers who claim they can generate hashed override codes for HPs.  Do an ebay search on "hp bios password."  The fees range from $25 up.  I would be darn sure that there was a money-back guarantee on it.

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