How can adjust printer output font on the As/400 Terminal Client for Windows

I open up a second emulator session to send jobs from the AS/400 to the locally attached Win XP USB printer.  

Though the font is set to Courier, printout text is fancy and cursive-like and always in portrait mode.  When I click the check box to emulate mode, jobs get dropped into the print cue, but disappear instantly without any actual printout.

Is their a good recipe for forcing this emulator application to produce output that would work on any standard Windows printer, landscape or portrait?
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Gary PattersonVP Technology / Senior Consultant Commented:
When you print to a Windows printer in this fashion, there can be several layers of print translation involved.

  • First of all, the AS/400 application creates output in one of a number of printer data streams: SCS, APFDP, IPDS, or USERASCII.  
  • If Host Print Transform is configured (TRANSFORM(*YES)), then the AS/400 will attempt to convert to the appropriate printer language.
  • In the case of an emulator printer session, the emulation session may attempt to transform in to a Windows printer data stream.
  • Finally, the Windows print driver will take the Windows printer stream and convert it into the appropriate data stream for the printer.
Not all of these layers are used in every print job, and there are other layers involved in specific cases, so, the trick is to figure out where the font is getting munged, and where page rotation needs to be configured.

  1. What emulator is being used (specific version, please)?
  2. How is the emulator print session configured (screen prints of all options, including "advanced" options is preferable)?
  3. What specific printer (manufacturer and model, please) is being used?
  4. What Windows printer driver is being used (specific version, please)?
Some specific details will help us help you resolve the problem...

- Gary Patterson
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