how to find network printer cannot be found in our home network.

my computer and my network prnter are both connected to the same router/firewall.  however, my computer is not detecting the printer.  I ping its IP and i a get time out request.    I view all the device connected to the router and i don't see it.  I checked my windows firewall, I tried it when it is on and off.  So what am i missing here.

this use to work before, i just move location (one apartment to another)  same router/firewall and same machine.
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Is the router seeing both ports going active and detecting a mac address for the PC and the printer?
If not check the cables or try using a different port. Don't use the uplink port for either device.
Make sure that both ports in use are in the same VLAN and subnet.
If they are both showing as up on the router trying pinging them from the router.
If you can hit them both from there then IP is good and you may have a firewall rules, subnet, or VLAN issue on the device or the router.
Please verify that the Printer's Network Card has no problems. Also try to check the cabling.
Most printers ahve diagnostic self test or print a paper with current configuration/setup. Please print it to verify printer still recognize the NIC, and at the same time to verify the IP.

Does your printer get an IP from the DHCP on the router? if so, see the router interface for leased IP's
Also, Try to connect the printer to the PC (Cross over cable) and see if it works. (you may need to manually configure IP's on the PC and printer)

Might want to power the printer on and off once.
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LifestreamAuthor Commented:
I thought this would be a Window 7 firewall issue, but then when i set up another printer using this laptop in my office (with the same exact router (sonic wall) the laptop could see it and was successful in printing.  

when i plug in the printer and a corresponding light on the router would light up.  so I am thinking that there is communication between the two device. I believe that the firewall/router's security is preventing the laptop to see the printer.  

I did power the pritner on and off.  Printers Ntwrk card seems to be working; i was just printer from it just before the move.  the printer allows me to see the auto IP or I can assign an IP.  tried pinging the IP's it gives me and I get a time out request.
Why don't you try to remove the printer from the windows 7 PC, and re define it again. In fact you may need to remove that port not the printer.

Start menu> Devices and printers> choose printers> one click on any printer> top menu, choose Print server properties, > ports, remove the defined TCP port, and then re define it. This step may automatically adjust the firewall setup regarding this printer.
LifestreamAuthor Commented:
thanks, will try that.
What is the printer's IP, and what is the IP of the PC?
LifestreamAuthor Commented:
The primarry firewall/router in the house kept the ID of the printer private.  So it wasn't visible when I cmd net view it.  so i logged in to the primary router (the one connected directly to the WAN/dsl) and set the printer device public. then it worked.
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