Exchange 2000 Server Event ID Error

Can you help me to fix this issue please?
 Event ID: 9582
The virtual memory necessary tu run your Exchange server is fragmented in such a way that normal operation may begin to fail. It is highly recommended that you restart all Exchange services to correct this Issue.

I did a restart and still getting the same error.

Please help thanks

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Patmac951Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Have your tried this solution from the Microsoft support site?
Patmac951Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Secondly how much physical memory do you have on this server?
TagsadminAuthor Commented:
Yes I already try the Microsoft  article 325044, and I am runing 3 GB of physical memory.

Have you set the /3gb switch on the system?
Run the Exchange best practises tool has the link to it, and ensure it doesn't flag anything.

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