VMDirect Path Configuration

I now have the following screen message, see attached:
The Virtualisation option has been enable inthe BIOS.
I'm running a PowerEdge(TM) 2900, Twin Quad-Core Intel(R) Xeon(R) E5410, 2x6MB Cache

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ryder0707Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Perhaps i should explain like this, your virtual infrastructure will run fine without vmdirectpath, its basically extra feature to have
Your normal VMs wont be needing that unless you have specific requirements
So dont worry, it will not impact anything
If you server supports IOMMU, you need to enable in the BIOS
Donald_from_OZAuthor Commented:
If it doesn't does that mean I can't use ESXi. It support Virtualisation.
No mate, that is actually for advance use only, for example you want to assign a specific VM to access a physical device directly
For example you want a VM to be able to use PCI based devices directly
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