Windows 7 firewall disables

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My windows 7 firewall antomatically disables itself when i shutdown and again start my computer.what could be the reason.

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If you are able to access the internet on the computer I would highly suggest running this free online antivirus scan from a trusted antivirus company:

If you are infected with a virus or malware this product should detect and suggest solutions.  Secondly are you able to start the Windows firewall service manually after a restart?  To attempt to start the service manually right mouse click "Computer" then select Manage and expand the Services and Applications, select services and find the Windows Firewall serivce and check the status.  If it is not running right mouse click the service and attempt to start it.
Are you using any third party Antivirus/Firewall products on this computer?
Viruses can cause this type of behavior.  The possibility that this is the reason are high.  Have you recently run a scan of your hard drive for possible infections?
How do you know if your security is working?

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zolfAuthor Commented:

i was using quick heal,but i uninstalled it and also i deleted it from the regedit to be sure i have deleted all trace of it.
Please advise if you have run a scan of the hard drive recently.  Once we determine that your computer is not infected we can head down other avenues.  I highly suspect that this is the cause of your woes.  I am running Win7 on multiple machines and have not seen this behavior on any of my configurations.

Also, are you running more than one firewall?  Quick Heal has a firewall component in some versions.  If this is the case, that may be why it's disabled as well.  Please check into these recommendations and report back.  Hopefully we are at least of some help thus far.
You have installed one of the worst security suites on the planet.
It is actually worse than a virus in my opinion.
To remove it you must also remove all the junk it left behind
(and god knows,perhaps it left some process running too).
So use the revo uninstaller
and get rid of it.
You can also try Windows 7 manager
to get rid of it and also to clean your registry.

John GriffithConsultantCommented:
If offending product not installed too long ago - use WIndows System Restore -
START | type rstrui - choose a restore point prior to installing software
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