deleted data in laptop

I have one laptop and how can I recover all data which is deleted from this laptop for the last 6 months

please advise
Jinesh Kumar KochathSr. IT Manager (Middle East & South East Asia)Asked:
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You simply cannot recover data that was overwritten. On a laptop that has been in use for 6 months, chances are extremely high that most deleted data has been completely or partly overwritten by now.

For the files that still are recoverable, check out these two free tools:
Recuva -
PCInspector -

These are two pretty good commercial tools with free demos to try and see what they would recover if you bought them:
GetDataBack -
DataRecoveryWizard -
And remember: taking backups on a regular basis and on an external media is not a bad idea as well. There exists a lot of software that automates this task for you, independantly of the operating system you're using (Acronis or Norton produtcs, but lots of freeware alternatives as well).
you can contact these guys, and check if they can help you :      
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