Windows Datacenter 2008 R2 Failover Cluster Manager will not start

We are running a 5 node Windows Datacenter 2008 R2 Failover Cluster that we are using for Hyper-V with a Cluster Storage Volume that will not start because our physical domain controller (another DC is sitting on the CSV that we can't access) and now we get the following error when trying to bring the Cluster Service online within the Failover Cluster Manager.  

Node 'BLADE01' failed to establish a communication session while joining the cluster. This was due to an authentication failure. Please verify that the nodes are running compatible versions of the cluster service software.

What are our options.  Has anyone used the Force Cluster Service online option successfully and will it work for our scenario.

Thank you in advance for any and all assistance.
Patrick NunezAsked:
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Patrick NunezAuthor Commented:
Microsoft was not able to assist on the recovery.  Reassigning the LUN to one of the servers not in the cluster only presented the drive as RAW format.  Microsoft had us run chkdsk against the drive and it would continually stall at 66%.  The recommended solutiona at that point was data recovery such as Ontrack.....thank you very much but we will keep digging on our own.

We ran Power Data Recovery against the 2tb "RAW" drive and after countless hours we were able to see the content of the drive.  We extracted out the VHD containing the DC and mounted to a blade not in the cluster.  The domain controller fired up without a hitch.  Once the domain was up we reassigned the LUN back to the cluster and fired up the nodes.  The cluster started perfectly.

If anyone has further questions, let me know.
Is it an option to stand up another DC (physical or otherwise) that may allow the clustering service to start? I'm afraid in this situation you still need authentication and I'm not sure that forcing the cluster service (which I have not done myself) would work in this situation because it's a communication issue between you and a DC (that isn't available) thus the authentication errors.
Patrick NunezAuthor Commented:
We have engaged Microsoft for assistance.  1st step was to reassign the LUN from the cluster to a single box.  We did this and can see the drive but it is listed as RAW.  Waiting for next option.  Will keep you posted on the outcome.
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