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Retrieve json_encode values in javascript array

I am using following PHP code to store column values and pass to JSON function:

echo json_encode(array($PostedDate.$Places.$Company.$Designation.$ProjectDetails.$DesiredCandidate.$HRName.$HRContact.$Email));

The above thing is returned in a variable called 'data' to JSON function. I want to store the above values in JavsScript array? How to do that?
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The point of JSON is to have them stored as JS objects.

So if you have in your JavaScript:

var data = {"a":1, "b":2, "c":3};

You can then access it as such:


Let me know if that is fine. If you really want a JS array, you can loop over the array instead of running a json_encode() over it and output it with JS array syntax.
rpkhareAuthor Commented:
Following code calls the code I mentioned in my original post. Please let me know how to modify it?

							$.getJSON("fetchvalues.php?UpdateRecordID=" + $.cookie('UpdateRecordID'),
							// Data retrieved in concatenated form. So we will break it and store values in array.
							var concatenatedvalues = new Array();
							concatenatedValues = data;

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rpkhareAuthor Commented:
Ok, I solved this problem. Someone suggested me to use commas instead of period is this code:

echo json_encode(array($PostedDate.$Places.$Company.$Designation.$ProjectDetails.$DesiredCandidate.$HRName.$HRContact.$Email));

Now, from within I can call a column simply like:


Please note that the data is a function used by JSON to retrieve results.
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