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i am getting some bounced message from mail server. please suggest me about this. Nothing has been changed in server.i am getting this problem only with some domain.

The original message was received at Thu, 24 Dec 2009 11:42:39 +0530 from []

   ----- The following addresses had permanent fatal errors ----- <abcl@ndm.ox.ac.uk>
    (reason: 550-HLO-SYN: HELO (glyph) is syntactically invalid )

   ----- Transcript of session follows ----- ... while talking to
>>> DATA
<<< 550-HLO-SYN: HELO (glyph) is syntactically invalid <<< 550 http://www.oucs.ox.ac.uk/network/smtp/relay/index.xml.ID=errors#hlo-syn
550 5.1.1 <David.Warrell@ndm.ox.ac.uk>... User unknown <<< 503-All RCPT commands were rejected with this error:
<<< 503-HLO-SYN: HELO (glyph) is syntactically invalid <<< 503-http://www.oucs.ox.ac.uk/network/smtp/relay/index.xml.ID=errors#hlo-syn
<<< 503 Valid RCPT command must precede DATA

1 Solution

This error occurs on two condition.

1: If u Mail box exceeded
2.If u mistype your mail domain.

aloknet21Author Commented:
sorry everything is fine. one thing i have noticed here. when i open /etc/aliases file and save this file and run newaliases command it shows me and error.
WARNING: local host name (glyph) is not qualified; see cf/README: WHO AM I?
/etc/aliases: 263 aliases, longest 46 bytes, 9950 bytes total

please suggest me.
nociSoftware EngineerCommented:
Following the link provided in the error you get the answer:

your system tells the remote system that's it's name is glyph...
while it actualy is glyph.example.com (or whatever is your domain...)


  dig -x {yourip}

of if you don't have dig, nslookup...

That is the name that needs to be provided by YOUR SMTP server when connecting to a remote system
and sending the first packet (HELO, or EHLO).

Qualified means that the domain is part of the hostname. THe remote system may do a reverse lookup (on the address) to verify if
the name provided does actualy match the ip address given. as well as a forward lookup on the HELO provided name to see it it actualy gives the IPaddress of your server.
(this as part of anti-spamming measures).

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