how to create a popup control like this one

I been trying to create my own control similar to the control they used in time sheets (sorry if im not allowed to quote other sites) . The screen shot shows a textbox that when you click into it you get the second screen shot of a control pop up that allows you to enter additional information, whats good about this control is how when it extends the textbox on the page it surrounds it so you know what the popup control is extending, and you can still type in the text box on the page. I want to create my own version of this control, i tried  playing around using the ajax popup control extender (, the ajax menu hover extender ( and the Validator Callout extender ( but i could never same to get the same effect. I tried my own javascript driven dynamic controls but again they just dont measure up and i cant find anything on the web as good. Any one know how i might create a control like this using only javascript and  with minimal complication
Rawdon HumeDeveloperAsked:
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Rawdon HumeDeveloperAuthor Commented:
sorry for the late reply busy xmas...humm not very helpful i guess ill have to work it out myself ...cheers anyhow
>>...with minimal complication

Aye, there's the rub.

There is nothing about what you want that is trivial.

It's probably why the Good Folks at replicon can charge for their services.
Well, that's a draggable "window", but not exactly the same thing...
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