HTML 5 Canvas Vs. Flash


I need a PROS / CONS of HTML 5 Canvas Vs. Flash and your opinion on which technology will win the race.
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TanLiHaoConnect With a Mentor Commented:
At the moment, Flash beats HTML 5. There are still many features provided by Flash that is not provided by HTML 5. The HTML 5 standard is still a draft, and still isn't complete. Some of the features do not exist in all browsers yet.

Firefox may claim to support HTML 5, but since that isn't complete, you can't say it supports all the features HTML 5 will come to have.

IE8 haven't really support HTML 5, and since it is a major browser vendor, you shouldn't use HTML 5.

Furthermore, like ludofulop said, older browsers do not have support for HTML5, hence backwards compatibility becomes an issue. You can's just install HTML5 into older browsers but you can do that for Flash Player.

Ultimately, HTML 5 will beat the speed of Flash Player because it's just a plugin while HTML5 will be supported natively by browsers. However, it isn't complete at the moment so you should stick to Flash now.

However, Flash Player have better backward compatibility, currently ubiquitous on browsers since over 98% users have that installed. Furthermore, with AVM2, the speed have tremendously increased. It have many more features and there are a couple more benefits.

I will give a summary

HTML 5 Pros:
Fast (depending on browser of course)
A standard (this means that most browsers will eventually support this)
Uses mon-proprietary things to make the web more open (There sometimes are issues with using proprietary formats like FLV, F4V and others, HTML5 supports open video formats so people can use them royalty-free)

HTML 5 Cons:
Incomplete (Don't expect all browsers to support it yet)
Lack of features (the features is currently lesser than what Flash provides)

Flash Pros:
Quite fast (only for AVM2, AVM1 is not quite fast)
Supports some basic 3D (2.5D)
Ubiquitous (most users have this installed, backward compatible)

Flash Cons:
 FLV? F4V? ( I guessed I explained enough about that above)
Plugin is plugin(no matter how fast they go, they are not native and will never be as fast)
Bunch of exploits (Adobe is like 2002 Microsoft, lots of exploits in Flash and PDF, potentially dangerous)

However, at the moment considering the factors, just because of the two cons HTML have,
 Flash > HTML 5 at the moment.

Use Flash if you need to, otherwise use HTML, try not to use HTML 5 only features like canvas.
ludofulopConnect With a Mentor Commented:
i would prefer flash...
nobody knows when the html5 will be fully supported by all browsers
and of course, you have to count the backward compatibility

but anyway, it's a hard question, i don't think that there will be a 'winner', as flash can be best choice for some applications, and canvas for others...
I forgot to tell you about the end.

Ultimately, this will never be a race.

HTML 5 will definitely take over Flash, just depending on how long it takes.

Because one is native and one is plugin, they just can't race. It is obvious they can't be compared and HTML 5 will be the winner.
elimesikaAuthor Commented:
TanLiHao : Thanks a lot for your detailed answer.

ludofulop: Thanks
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