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Missing NTFS partitions from RAID 5 Logical Disk

Here's my sad tale.

I have a Dell PowerEdge 2600 Server at a customer site. It had TWO SCSI logical drives on a Perc 3/DC controller.

Logical Drive 0:0 (O/S) , RAID 5, using disks 0:0,0:1, and 0:2
Logical Drive 0:1 (Data) , RAID 5, using disks 0:3,0:4 and 0:5

We lost the RAID array on Drive 0:0 during an attempted hot swap.

Then we went into the RAID BIOS utility to rebuild drive 0:0. We ended up deleting logical drive 0:0. Once we did this, Logical Drive 0:1 became Drive 0:0

We created a new RAID5 logical drive (now 0:1) with disks 0:0,0:1 and 0:2.

When we attempted to reload the Win2k Server O/S, Setup sees both logical drives as unpartitioned space.

We loaded the OS on logical drive 0:1

Is the any way to recover the data (3 NTFS partitions) that was on logical drive 0:0 (formrly 0:1)?

2 Solutions
Not much hope but you can try to run Undelete Partition search on free unallocated space.
Download trial version for server from here: www.drive-backup.com
Then install and run it. In main window right click on unallocated space and select Recover Lost Partitions.
Did you have it INITIALIZE the array, or did you just rebuild-it and force it online.  If it crunched I/O and the lights blinked on and off for any significant amount of time, then you have 100% data loss.

(It would then be a complete waste of time to run any recovery software as you zeroed out the data, so there is nothing to recover)

Also even if you did NOT initialize, but failed to build the RAID exactly with same parameters, and disks in the same order, then you also have 100% data loss.

So before getting into recovery scenarios if it did not initialize, please elaborate on whether you let it crunch data after re-configuring the RAID on the controller.

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