Variable in Mysql VIEW

Please peruse the following Query:

SELECT @rownum:=@rownum+1 as rownum, employee_name from (SELECT @rownum:=0) r, employees

This query is used in MySQL to derive ROWNUMBERS (as done in case of Oracle)

My query is that... how can one use this query to create a VIEW in MySQL... when MySQL returns "VARIABLE inside View" error?

Any alternate method of availing ROWNUM in MySQL Views itself?

Thanks in advance.
Adwait ChitaleyAsked:
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profyaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Try this:
PREPARE stmt FROM "SELECT @rownum:=@rownum+1 as rownum, employee_name from (SELECT @rownum:=0) r, employees";

For more information:
Steve BinkCommented:
Just throwing this out there...  If your view is meant to be read-only, you do it as the return of a stored procedure instead.
you can create the "view" as a table instead of a view and get the #s.
elsewhise, you can't use variables
SharathData EngineerCommented:
try this query. You can create a view using this SQL.

select (select count(*) from employees e2 where e1.employee_name >= e2.employee_name) as rownum,employee_name
  from employees e1;
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