graphics in

hello i want to create the graphics in .. kindly tell me how could i ..

i have a xml which have node1, childnode1 , childnode2

i want to show this in the graphical view.. like 1 rectangle and their is another 2 rantangle which is derived from the parent..

kindly don't tell me the treeview .. okz..

i want to enhanced and best graphics even i could buy the software is their any tools or plugins which maps my scanrio ..
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techExtremeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi, follow this tutorial:

The author tries to drop hangman (you'll know how to draw rectangle when you get this)
Also source code is attached as a zip file there.
AVARICESOFTAuthor Commented:
sorry its not a enhanced gui its upto GDI .. i want some components which meets my scanrio

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