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I am running windows 7 ultimate and when I'm logged in to my profile everything works fine. But if I am logged out and the screen shows the different user icons for logging in, the screen saver function doesn't work. The screen will stay on the login screen and never go to screen saver. How do I make the screen saver work when nobody is logged in.
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NikConnect With a Mentor Systems SpecialistCommented:
You can enable the logon screensaver by adding a couple of registry values...  I've put a little post together on my site here but will mirror what I have wrote here.

One of the problems that you have is that Direct3D support is not enabled on the login screen which means you can't use any of the Windows 7 stock screensavers.  With this in mind you can either download one of your choosing from the web or grab the LOGON.SCR file from a Vista machine.  The file will be in C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32 - copy it to the same location on your Windows 7 machine.

Now, open the registry editor and go to HKEY_USERS \ .Default \ Control Panel \ Desktop

Below this key create the following REG_SZ values...

SCRNSAVE.EXE = C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\LOGON.SCR (or whatever your file is called).
ScreenSaveActive = 1
ScreenSaveIsSecure = 0
ScreenSaveTimeOut = 60 (or whatever timeout you want in seconds)

That's it - you'll have your screensaver at the logon screen then.
kfallsrobAuthor Commented:
Worked great. thank you very much
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