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I have found an interesting problem with my 5 button mouse. It's a microsoft 5000 lasermouse and allows me to make the left thumb button do a delete when clicked. That's fine but UNLIKE the delete button on the keyboard, it only deletes ONE time if I hold it down.

I would like to know if I can make it repeat like the delete key on the keyboard. In the mouse options area, there is an ability to add macro code but I am not familiar with what to enter.

The reason I want this function is NOT for games but for programming - quicker deletion of my many mistakes :) and to delete emails in my spam folder...

Can this be solved or even done. Seems simple but I can't find the solution.
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nobusConnect With a Mentor Commented:
if there is a macro recorder, you start that, and make all the operations you need  (mouse keyboard) and it records them.
then when youu play it back, it executes every mouse action you did (exactly the same)
i don't know if this helps resolving your problem
maybe it is easier to select first all the items to delete, then click once ?
Cesar AracenaConnect With a Mentor PHP EnthusiastCommented:
Hi GeorgeKosch. Unlike the keyboard, mouse buttons don't repeat. Like nobus stated, recording a Macro is the only thing you can try BUT you can only record a specific number of "DELETE" keys. For example, say you record 5 deletes one after another but want to delete only 12 chars. You would have to press the button 3 times (15 deletions) and then rewrite the last 3 chars.

I really don't remember that mouse but if it has side scrolling (that let's you move your wheel sideways), I think you can add assign the delete function to it. That button do repeat.
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